A Guide to Commercial Steel Buildings

Commercial steel buildings are constructed and designed to be used as stores, offices distribution centers shipping terminals and service station commercial garages, aircraft hangars, and many more. Because they are able to be formed into a variety of sizes and shapes they can be found in almost all industries.

Commercial steel buildings are designed and built at the factory and then delivered along with the pre-engineered structural steel framing components to the site of construction to be assembled. They are particularly useful since they can be easily enlarged in size and length. Because steel doesn't require the space to support columns, it leaves more space that can be used and it is more suitable to be used in large warehouses as well as hangers for aircraft.

The majority of manufacturers have trained personnel who can deliver and set out the parts. This makes construction much easier and also more productive. Apart from their low maintenance requirements for structural components and long-lasting durability, precise price estimates for steel buildings make them more appealing to commercial space.

Commercial steel buildings are divided into three distinct types. The first is steel-framed in which the entire frame or structure is made from steel and the exterior finishing is accomplished using other standard materials like brick or stucco. It is commonplace in houses, offices, as well as other smaller establishments.

The second category is the steel pole structures that have posts and trusses, which are replaced with steel, and then the walls and roof are covered in metal. These structures also referred to as pole barns that are commonly utilized in the agricultural industry.

Lastly, steel arch buildings, made of arched steel panes, are the easiest to erect and are most often used for industrial and agricultural purposes. They are completely made of steel and molded in the form of an arch, which serves as both the roof and the wall. They are mostly used in do-it-yourself construction.


A steel building from any of these categories can offer an affordable and durable option for construction.