Benefits of Cloud Computing Services

One of the most attractive advantages of cloud computing. The ability to play and crash into a server in minutes is very powerful and useful. No more hassle if you try to resize the server first if you can set the server on the go with infrastructure & cloud

Instead of having five servers with an average processor of 10%, you can virtualize five servers on one physical server by sharing resources. It reduces rods, consumes energy, and is easier to manage. 

You can also make a copy of your server and run it very quickly after virtualization. If the appropriate resource management tool is installed on your server, you can automatically assign the appropriate resources to the server if necessary or disable the server that is not used when the load is low. 

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Not only can you load server-side balances by automatically transferring server resources between servers while traveling, but in this environment (with at least 1 additional important server) one server can be shut down without causing downtime is N+1. 

Imagine you maintain your server, for example by replacing a hard drive, adding more RAM, or updating software without interruption. If configured correctly, you can turn off the server and the virtual server is automatically transferred to the server in your cloud. 

By increasing your civil protection to one level, you can have another SAN in a different data center and replicate from SAN to SAN for hot environments on DR sites that can be restored in less than an hour.