Choosing The Best CCTV Option For Your Company In Sydney

Nothing is more important to a business than security. No matter how good your business ethics are, how satisfied your employees are, or how much you are in the bank, a simple case of industrial espionage or (most likely) theft can cause your business to collapse.

At the same time, video surveillance is important for the safety of you and your employees, which should take priority above all else.

However, the most important thing for your business is not only the choice of installing CCTV, but also ensuring the correct and best cctv installation in Sydney. You have a lot of options here, and some people may prefer certain options to others.

For example, some people prefer analog video surveillance over digital video surveillance because it's cheaper to install and easier to use and maintain (and doesn't jam).

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However, only one track is recorded at a time, and the frame rate and spatial resolution are lower than the digital options. Files cannot be tampered with or transferred and cannot be analyzed for videos, etc. While some people still prefer analog video surveillance, it's still not the best choice.

For the best protection for your office or company, you need digital video surveillance which records multiple songs at a much higher resolution and is much more flexible.

However, at the same time, there are many types of digital video surveillance. So you need to make sure that you choose the best digital video surveillance camera. There are tons of options here, but you'll want to look at things like frame rate, internal storage capacity, features, and definition (megapixels).