Different Types Of Craft Beers

Beer drinkers now have more beer choices than ever before. Craft beer has seen a boom, bringing so many different flavors to your local bar. It can be daunting to see a drink menu with so many options. Knowing the differences in styles and how they taste, look, and feel is a great way to help.

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Defining Craft Beer: 5 Ways to Describe a Style

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The following is the list of top craft beer styles 

1. Lager

Lagers are readily available and made consistently. They are the first beer that new drinkers will try. The classic lagers are light and malty with little variation in flavor. It is a refreshing, crisp, and drinkable beer.

2. IPA

Indian Pale Ales (IPAs), a staple in the craft beer scene, are often a beer drinker’s first introduction to craft beer. This list includes many styles of beer, which get their flavor from hops and other fruity or herbal flavors. The most popular IPA styles include British IPA which is a bitter and maltier version and New England Style IPA which is fruity and less bitter.

3. Pilsner

Pilsners are renowned for their subtle but pronounced flavor and bitter taste. Even seasoned brewers may find it difficult to create. Although the style is straightforward, there are a few mistakes in the brewing 

4. Stout Beer

Stouts are a sweet, rich, and roasty beer that has hints of coffee and cream. Although the beer's darker color may make it seem difficult to drink, stouts are sweet enough to counter the bitterness. Stouts have a strong, high-roasted flavor with a high level of malt flavor. This is similar to dark chocolate or coffee.