Do-It-Yourself : Bed Bug Treatment

Washing and boiling cloths and things can not only keep your bed linen, sofa covers, curtains, carpets, and cushions clean but also this might serve as the indirect way to repel bed bugs from even coming to your bed. There are certain things that you need to do to kill the bed bugs:

1. Kill them with heat!

Take every linen (clothes, sheets and even curtains) in the room and put them in the dryer on high heat for about 30 minutes. Any bed bugs or eggs will die in this process. Be extremely careful in transporting all of this to your laundry room.

You might want to bag everything first and carry it out of your room, be sure to dispose the bag when you are done. You can find bed bug treatment at

Close up of bed bug feeding

2. Take apart your bed frame and spray them

First, remove your mattress (we will get to that in a moment). Now, take the bed frame apart. Spray every crack and crevice on the frame, especially the hard to reach places where the frame connects.

3. Buy a mattress cover

Any pest control company is going to suggest you buy one of these. Don't pay their marked up prices, you can buy it yourself and save some money. Be sure to buy one for the mattress and one for the box spring. This is going to cost you around a $100 for a good quality brand, but it is well worth it.