Effective Ways on How to Prevent Drain Blockage

In the sewer, especially those in the kitchen are susceptible to frequent blockages. The causes of the blockage are partly due to large food particles. These food remnants accumulate slowly and eventually contribute to clogging the drainage system. Such an event caused a foul odor besides causing the sink to overflow. After you realize this blockage, try identifying specific locations.

You should not be in a hurry to call a plumber before you identify the nature of the obstruction. Most of these errors can be handled without the help of an expert. However, you must have some basic tools such as plungers, pliers, and screwdrivers. Some basic knowledge about blocking clogged drainage will save a lot of costs. You can choose top outside drain unblocker services at https://exeter-drains.co.uk/drain-unblocking-services/.

It is wise that you have a rude idea of how the drainage system works. Take an example of the sink kitchen. This drains its contents through relatively short waste pipes into the oil trap below it. Traps are designed in such a way as to prevent the rest of the food flow down the piping system. Areas such as t-joints or bends tend to maintain food debris especially if a little water is used to water the system.

Some sink designs come with a small garbage disposal unit that is suspended above the oil trap. The purpose of the design is to facilitate crashing the rest of the food before entering the trap. Other waste pipes are associated with fat traps through different arms. This leads to the third pipe which empties its contents into the main drainage system.

It is always recommended to flash your drainage system with enough water. For example, if your pipe system is designed with a garbage disposal unit, make sure you allow cold water to pass through it to make sure there are no food particles stuck along the system. Failure to run enough water regularly leads to the accumulation of gradual scraps in some parts.