Factors To Consider Before Choosing Nicotine Strength For Vaping

One important thing to think about before selecting the right nicotine strength is the habits you use to smoke. Deciding on the appropriate nicotine strength will differ depending on the individual. For heavy smokers, it is possible to be happy with 6 mg as some prefer a less tongue hit to get the flavor faster than taking nicotine.

Another aspect to consider is based on the kind of cigarettes you have smoked. There are many different kinds of cigarettes that are not equal and some might have higher levels of nicotine than others. For instance, if you consume half a pack of full-flavored cigarettes, 12 mg might be better than 6 mg. If you are planning to buy nicotine salt juice, then you can navigate to www.vapeathome.ca/collections/e-liquids/.

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It's also contingent on the amount of vape you use. For those who only use a small amount of nicotine, it is possible to go with the 12-milligram nicotine level and drink lesser vape juice. It could take some time to determine the best option for you, so don't be discouraged and play around!

If you've read pieces on nicotine strength, you may be aware that some of them mention the 18 and 24-milligram levels of nicotine. However, many e-juice producers have stopped producing these nicotine levels. 

Nicotine salts provide strong nicotine levels, such as 35-50 mg nicotine strengths that give smokers a realistic feeling of smoking cigarettes. Salt-based nicotines are designed to give a smoother throat sensation to make the experience of smoking 50 mg nicotine taste more appealing.