Herbal and Natural Medicines – Research Is On The Increase

As you are no doubt aware medicines derived from herbal and natural products are becoming increasingly popular in many cultures around the globe. Many of these herbal and natural remedies were developed centuries ago in eastern culture and they have been used much longer than any other variety of health care products. If you want to live away from diseases then you can use best integrative medicine for your health and fitness.

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Like Eastern cultures, other peoples throughout history have recognized and succeeded in using plants and natural materials to cure all kinds of diseases. Pharmacopoeia as we know it today was originally developed in the early nineteenth century and is primarily based on long-established natural and herbal remedies.

Herbal substances, or synthetic herbal compounds, are actually used to make nearly twenty-five percent of all prescription drugs used in the United States.

Recently, medical researchers estimate that about eighty percent of the world’s population have regularly used, or are currently using, some form of herbal medicine and natural remedies. Multinational pharmaceutical companies are constantly researching and looking for new types of plants that are successfully harvested to create new, better medicines for society.

Research into herbal and natural medicines

To date, independent pharmaceutical companies and medical research organizations have not spent much time researching the origins and medicinal properties of ancient herbs and natural remedies.

This situation has started to change and more research studies are being conducted and more are expected to be conducted in the near future. This is mainly due to the growing popularity of herbal and natural medicines on western markets in the US, Europe and many other major countries around the world.