Is It Logical To Fear Flying?

The fear of flying is the third most common fear in the world, according to aerophobia. According to recent data, it affects 2.6% worldwide. This is more than one-in-50 people who fear flying in an airplane. Fear of heights or spiders is more common than the fear of flying.

The fear of flying is understandable on a basic level. It's more than 20,000 feet in the air. The chances of suffering traumatic injuries in the event that the plane crashes are high. Our brains are programmed to fear any threat that could harm us. 

How do you deal with dread of flying?

It is perfectly normal to associate fear and danger. However, it is best to avoid this feeling at all costs. People with aerophobia avoid flying abroad because of this. This is not the best option.

It's better to face your fear than run from it. Fear of house spiders and clowns, as well as fear of social interaction, are all examples of this. Exposure is the best treatment.

Keep in mind the facts. Construction and aircraft maintenance are extremely reliable. These numbers are not misleading. You will find that flying is easier when you get on board a plane. Avoid alcohol and drugs. 

This is a useful brain feature that keeps us alive. It's the same feature that prevents us from touching hot stoves or wrestling bears.

They won't increase your anxiety. You can rely on a friend for support and to keep you focused on the positive aspects of traveling to a foreign country. It will get easier with each passing day.