Maintain An Eternal Smile Through Dental Veneers In East Bentleigh

It is important to maintain healthy teeth. However, it is equally important to make sure that your teeth look attractive. Tooth decay can occur in many ways, so it is important to make sure your teeth look beautiful. Tooth decay can lead to discoloration, pitting, pitting, yellowing, and stains.

Not only do unappetizing teeth look awful, but they also negatively impact self-esteem and confidence. To restore your teeth's natural shape, cosmetic dentistry can be a good option. The most popular cosmetic dental treatment is veneers in East Bentleigh.

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Let's learn more about this treatment:

Veneers are thin strips made of porcelain or composite resin that provide a superficial coating on the front of a person’s teeth. Veneers are mostly shaded to match the original color of patients' teeth. This gives veneers a natural, pleasing appearance. Veneers can be treated in the same way as natural teeth, including dental hygiene.

Dental veneer types:

There are two main types of dental veneers: ceramic veneers or porcelain veneers, and composite resin alternatives. The most durable type of veneer is porcelain, and they rarely require replacement after a long time. These veneers can withstand stains and are made with care to give a natural, appealing appearance. 

Composite resin veneers, on the other hand, are less expensive and don't last as well as porcelain veneers. These veneers can become stained or discolored over time. Before you decide to get this service, consult your dentist. They will advise you on which type of veneer is best for you.