Organ Procurement Organizations: Partners For Human Tissue Research

Human tissue is a valuable resource in medical research and biomarker testing, diagnostic tests and drug development, testing of products chemical toxicology, and so on. The fresh tissue sample is used for numerous applications. The most ideal model for conducting deep analyses of the human body's biological functions. Because human tissues provide the most effective method of understanding exactly how our body functions and response to treatments, they could help to reduce the usage of animals in research.

The use of human tissue in biomedical research is essential to advance medical treatment. Studies on tissue procurement may yield information that could help in the prevention diagnosis and treatment ailments. Human tissue, for instance, will help determine whether individuals react differently to different drugs, which allows researchers to discern the potential benefits or negative impacts. 

Human Tissue Procurement

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Human tissue research eliminates the issues of reproducibility and translatability that are typical when conducting research with animals. Innovations in the field of experimental methods to make it easier to use human tissues have resulted in increased knowledge of the human body. This has resulted in novel approaches to treatments for a range of medical conditions. 

Recently, scientists developed an innovative method to prolong the lifespan of corneas that are procured to be transplanted and significantly increase the number of corneas suitable for transplantation, eventually improving the vision of many individuals. Researchers can therefore obtain tissues via two avenues. 

The first is to collaborate directly with providers of tissues, such as OPOs. When the tissues are available the tissues are collected and then prepared to fulfill the requirements of the investigator. Additionally, researchers can obtain tissues from biobanks. These tissues are kept for research purposes and usually contain a variety of types of tissues that are available immediately.