Outdoor Shower Enclosures Are Ideal For Pool Owners

When you have a large yard and pool and a few kids are always around your house using the pool, one of the best things you can get is one of the newest outdoor showers.

Often I go out digging in my yard and get dirty and I have to swing in the back door, take off my dirty shoes and socks just to run around the house, drop my fingers and play around everywhere, to there is a bathroom to shower.  You can search more information about outdoor pool enclosure through http://coversinplay.us/retractable-pool-enclosure/.

Outdoor Shower Ideal For Pool Owners

I've also noticed that my fellow kids using the pool are more likely to use the cage than just standing in the shower outdoors. I encourage all children to shower before and after swimming and they will often come with sullen faces. I realized that if they showered and changed clothes, got old, and became more confident and shy, they might want a little privacy.

Outdoor shower screens are very easy to install, and shower taps, if you don't already have one, are a breeze. You don't even need a drain to drain the water. I just made a concrete slab with a channel that leads water into the garden. I train the wisteria over the fence and she enjoys all the water she gets.

You can of course adapt any canopy design to serve as a shower cubicle, but I didn't want wood and people to potentially get shavings and then maintenance and cleaning were tough, so I opted for a two-office vinyl shower cubicle. Just make sure the new outdoor shower has enough room to move comfortably.