Property Management Fees Explained

When you hire a property management firm to contact you and your tenants, you want to make sure you are getting the best possible property management service for the money. You can also get the information about property management in Melbourne via

Services offered by property management companies can range from à la carte to all-in-one packages. There are also various fees for each person. There is no special stone structure we can provide.

However, we can teach you about the common expected costs and the goals of each. Ultimately, it is up to you to compare the company's fee structures and choose the best one that fits your budget. Below are some of the most common fees and their services.


This is a current monthly fee charged to owners to compensate property managers for overseeing the management of their property. This fee can range from 3% to more than 15% of the gross monthly rent. Instead of a percentage, some managers may charge a fixed monthly fee, which in turn can range from $ 50 to over $ 200 per month. Usually, all property managers collect this fee.

Rent or installation fees

This fee is charged to the owner to compensate for the time and resources previously invested in the property manager in creating the owner's account. shows the property and/or other activity that resulted in tenant accommodation.