Psychotherapy And Spiritual Purification In Dreams

We are not sensitive and concerned with what is bad. We do not have real feelings. We do not pay attention to our intuition when we believe that our ideas are correct. We do not know how to forgive. This is why our world is a hell where poverty, war, and crimes kill our population.

Our rationalism does not help us find a balance. Without the sensitivity and kindness we could not find peace. If you are looking for best Los Altos therapist then make an online search.

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The subconscious mind will help you eliminate the evil and absurdity you have inherited to the anti-conscience, and attain wisdom. real wisdom and holiness are synonymous. When you are wise you are humble, sensitive and sincere, and you always show compassion to everyone.

Purity is sound mental health and wisdom. This means that there is a solution to our despair. There is a God, who discovered the power of goodness, and can save us from eternal suffering.

If you do not believe in God you will have the opportunity to verify his presence by translating the meaning of your dreams based on my dynamic method of instant dream translation, derived from a complicated method of dream interpretation.

Words from the subconscious prove their divine origin thanks to their discretion. verify everyone that the subconscious mind knows everything and can solve any problem. Perfect wisdom and rationalism conscious exceed foolish man.

Psychotherapy of the unconscious mind works like a divine spiritual purification. You eliminate your sins, learn how to respect the law of kindness. You learn how to respect your moral principals and always acted like a wise man. This is how you acquire sound mental health that lasts forever.

Therapy conscious in the dream message is also working as the empowerment of the mind as it will help you develop your intelligence. You may be a genius because you have this potential. The subconscious mind to help you use all of your brain power.