Reasons That Convinced Me To Become A Self-Publisher


Here are my top reasons to become a self-publisher. Some reasons are more important than others to me than to you. This list will contain reasons that I think are important or interesting to you.

I hope you find one that will get your internal capitalist firing and set you on a new path of book self publishing.

1. Keep Ownership

You retain full control over the book and ownership as a self-publisher. This is, I believe, a very important reason for you all to read this article. It was also for me.

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2. Instant Credibility

A book can instantly increase your credibility and boost your business or career. This is what we all desire. The more professional your book is, the more credibility you will have with your audience. Self-publishing allows you to quickly and easily make changes to your book, especially if it is an eBook.

3. Control Fate of My Book

You control the destiny of your book as a self-publisher. We self-publish books because we love what we do and want to share it with others.

4.Speed to Market

Traditional publishers take way too long to bring your book to the market. A big publisher would think that you are a silly fool to believe that you could get your book into a worldwide audience within a few weeks. But of course, we now all know that we can – and do.