Some Of The Packaging Tests That Could Save Your Products

There are many factors that can impact the quality of your packaging and the products inside. You can't deliver quality products to your customers if you don't use the right packaging materials.

A pre-shipment inspection can help verify the product's quality and packaging. If serious packaging problems persist, however, you might need to have packaging testing done in a certified lab.

These tests can help you fix quality problems and save your products. You can know more about high-quality packaging testing methods, by browsing the internet.

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Stacking shipping cartons in warehouses and factories is a common practice for shipping, storage and distribution. A factory might have limited storage space so they may stack too many boxes one on top of the other in order to save space. 

Shipping boxes that are not correctly stacked can be stressed and collapse if they aren't properly stacked. The edge crush test measures how much compressive force a cardboard material can withstand in its load direction or vertical before it collapses.

This test involves applying a load to the edge of small samples of packaging material until it falls apart.


Because they measure the strength of cardboard or corrugated materials, the burst strength test is often compared with the edge crush test. These two tests are recommended for importers as the best packaging lab tests.

However, importers shouldn't use the two tests interchangeably as they measure different things. Burst strength measures the force needed to puncture corrugated cardboard. Instead of pushing against the edge as in the edge crush test, force is applied to its flat side.