STLTH Vape Pod: Top Advantages

The Stlth Vape Pod device is an ideal alternative to conventional tobacco cigarettes. It was created by a group of people who are dedicated to making practical products that can be incorporated into everyday life. You can also buy the best STLTH compatible pods through various websites.

Manufacturers are investing heavily in these vaporizers mainly because they are all ex-smokers who need another option that is less harmful than smoking. Below we have mentioned some of the benefits of the Stlth Vape Pod system.

1. More Cost-Effective 

STLTH is way more cost-efficient, be it a starter kit or replacement pod. The STLTH vape starter kit will get you around $15.03 online. 

A pack of four replacement pods costs about $12.02; On the other hand, a similar JUUL replacement pod pack costs almost $15.78. You can clearly see that STLTH is a more viable option when it comes to the pocket pinch. 

2. STLTH offers more variety of flavors

Taste is one of the most important aspects of vaping and STLTH understands it very well. With the STEALTH pod, you can choose between 22 flavors. The most popular flavors are tundra, crunchy apple, frost, strawberry, mango, berry, a mixture of tobacco and menthol made from melon. These flavors are found with 20 mg, 35 mg, or 50 mg of nicotine.