Stress and Pain: Exploring the Causal Connection

Millions of people who suffer from chronic pain do not realize, along with those who help care for them, is that there is a substantial correlation between stress and illness. The more we understand about the causal relationships are stressed have the pain, the more we can start to see an effective way to manage chronic pain that people experience.

Chronic Pain and Stress

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), chronic pain is the most common reason that people in the country access the health care system. It is also considered as a major cause of long term disability in this country. The pain, as we all experience, is a response of the nervous system that lets you know you have been injured or there is something wrong. You can explore for acquiring more information about pain management.

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Chronic pain is different in that, according to NIH, they signal pain go away for a long period of time, ranging from weeks to years. Some people know their origin of their pain, such as an accident, injury, or disease, while others do not know where or why pain comes first. Whether people realize it or not, there is a causal relationship between a person's chronic pain and the feeling of stress in their lives.

Some people are aware of the stress they have in their lives. They can easily identify what makes them feel stressed, but millions of other people are not able to determine what it is, or to be honest with themselves about the origins of it. There are various things that emphasize research shows people outside, including their own poor health. Identifying the stress factor is a major component to be able to manage, and thus manage chronic stress, too.