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Why Natural Pond Algae Control Is Better

Pond algae can become a frequent problem in both large and small types of ponds. One of the most commonly used methods of combating an algae bloom is to treat it with chemical algae. 

Most of these remedies, although not all of them, contain some form of copper in their manufacture. Copper is an effective toxin for algae and has historically done a good job of killing it. You can find the best pond aerators from the various online sources.

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However in recent years, some algae have become more resistant to copper, and to make matters worse, copper is also toxic to beneficial forms of bacteria. This bacteria, which is found in all ponds, is actually nature's way of helping to keep them clean.

They, along with enzymes, help in biologically ripening and sludge at the bottom of the pond. When organic material such as leaves or grass clippings falls into a pond, it is bacteria that eventually help it assimilate. Of course, chemical treatments have reduced bacteria.

In that case, the pond will typically be filled with organics, including dead algae, and all of this begins construction at the bottom. Along with disrupting bacteria, various nutrients released by decaying organisms, and others coming from run-way, or fish waste, begin to build up in an uncontrolled fashion. And this leads to an ideal setting to promote more algae growth on the surface.