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What Is The Alaskan Seafood Company?

The Alaskan Seafood Company is a seafood company located in Homer, Alaska. The company was founded in 1987 by Bob and Peggy Turner. The company is known for its quick and easy preparation of seafood dishes. 

Their most popular product is the Alaskan Salmon Dinner which consists of a salmon filet with lemon butter sauce and steamed vegetables. They also offer a variety of different salmon preparations. To Get more information about Bairdi king crab you can check online resources.

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In addition to the Alaskan Salmon Dinner, the company makes several fried seafood dishes, including their signature Catfish Filet Sandwich and salmon burgers. The company offers a variety of other lunch and dinner items including hamburgers, hot dogs and pizza rolls.

The Alaskan Seafood Company is a very casual atmosphere with tables that are usually shared by friends and family. Although everyone will enjoy the food, it can also be enjoyed as a meal on its own if you do not have many guests to dine with. It is considered a good choice for families and large gatherings of friends.

This burger is made with fresh salmon instead of frozen fish, which makes it extremely tasty and delicious. They also offer other burgers , sandwiches, and salads that can be made with fresh seafood. 

The salmon burger is also served with fresh cut fries and a side salad if you do not want to order the burger on its own.If you are looking for an excellent place to bring your family or friends to enjoy fish, The Alaskan Seafood Company is definitely the right choice in Anchorage.