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New Technology in Joint Replacements Treatment

The new technology can also help people with back problems by replacing discs. Additionally, it can be used to replace tissue in other areas including the knees, shoulders and elbows.

This new research has even more advanced uses. The technology is also being used to create patches to mend damaged heart valves after doctors have cleared blockages in arteries. For join pain treatment you can visit https://curryorthopedics.com/.

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Patients Want to Cycle, Play Tennis & Ski

Often people have to wait before receiving their replacement as otherwise the joints will not last till the end of their lives. Often the peripheral pain or secondary effects caused by the wait, result in additional problems in the surrounding tissue and muscle that can impede recovery when the joint is finally replaced.

The daily mail report states that Professor Fisher had also designed a ceramic on metal joint that greatly reduces the wear and tear on the artificial joint. As a result people who have joint problems can have them replaced earlier.

Hip replacements have been available for 50 or so years, but while they allow patients to get around and improve their quality of life, they do not allow patients to cycle, or play sports.

These new joints will prolong active life. Professor Fisher said that older people nowadays want to be able to cycle, play tennis and ski, so the joints have to last longer.