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Article Sharing Sites – Submit Your Articles for Free

Article marketing can reward you with a number of significant benefits. If done properly, it can generate monthly income for your online business. It can bring a lot of traffic. And it can increase the page rank of your website. But, if you only write one or two articles a week, you will not achieve any of these purposes.

You should write at least 4-5 articles a week (one day will be better and three days would be the best) and you have to submit your articles to the best article submission sites. The best part here is that you can submit your articles for free. There are free article sharing sites that allow writing enthusiasts to share their contents and generate more traffic.  

It is important to keep track of your article and check the number of page views that your article gets once a month. If the article directory allows you to check the statistics of your article, do it. Using that feature, you can specify the number of page views your article gets.

If your articles are receiving a few, if any, page views, stop submitting them and hand over to another. If the article directories do not have the option to check your stats, a good stat counter can provide you with information if you link your articles to your website (and you should).

In addition to submitting your articles to the best article submission sites, you must also submit them to a number of directories related to your niche. Typically, these sites will attract people who are actively looking for information about a particular topic. If you are promoting a product or website, this is an excellent place to submit articles to generate interested prospects.