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Some Basic Features Of Video Rental Software

The owner of a local video shop wants to create a new business plan where everything related to video rentals (other than taking and delivering videos) is done online. 

Therefore, the new VRS will enable the following functions online: search for videos, become a member, rent videos, change member information, and pay bills due. You can also get information about av rental software via the web. 

Audio Visual Rental Companies

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VRS aims to increase owners' profit margins by increasing video sales with this unique business approach and enabling them to reduce staffing requirements in their stores.

Product perspective

VRS is a web-based system. The system interacts with two other systems, the owner's email system, the video distributor's video system, and the browser used by VRS subscribers.

Product Features

VRS allows customers to search the video inventory provided by this video library. To rent videos through VRS, you must register as a member of VRS. 

Video rental employees use VRS to process rented video returns. Video library owners use VRS to add new videos to the system, remove videos from the system, and change video information.

VRS emails members about posting videos. The day before the rented video is returned, VRS will email the member a video due to a date reminder. 

User Properties

The three main groups of VRS users are customers, members, and branch employees. A customer is anyone who is not a member. Customers can only search in video inventory. 

Assumptions and dependencies

There are currently no assumptions or dependencies affecting this system.