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Throwing A Spa Day Birthday Party In Ajax

Teenage girls are often obsessed with appearance and spend hours on their hair, nails, and grooming. For the girls, the spa day birthday party is sure to be a hit with her and her closest friends.

Make sure you have plenty of paper towels, cotton balls, and bleach-free cleaning materials on hand for gatherings in case any spills happen by accident. Choose a nail paint and remover from a selection, get a family package that includes a comb and brushing, and think about hiring a personalized hand mirror. Even your girls can also celebrate their birthdays at Glama Gal Kids Spa in Ajax.

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To avoid possible lice infestation or conjunctivitis, do not allow visitors to share make-up or haircuts. Due to the intense heat, curlers or rollers can be used together. Combs, brushes, and hair accessories are not allowed. 

Once all the girls are adequately dressed, take a glamorous photo of them together. These photos can then be put in an album or printed and sent to the girls as a memento of the big party. If this idea works, encourage the girls to bring their fine jewelry and clothes for their photos.

At the end of the party, make sure you have time to undo any exotic changes. "Birthday" is an important day for the birthday person. Sometimes it's more than just a birthday as it becomes a big family reunion and everyone has a great time.