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The Latest In Technology From BMW

Let us take a look at what the future has in store for BMW owners.

Collision Warning and Pedestrian Caution with City Braking

The Collision Warning and Pedestrian Caution with City Braking system is one of BMW's latest safety innovations. This system employs a rearview mirror camera to monitor the road ahead and when any obstacle is detected, it will emit a warning sign to inform the driver. To know about bmw specialist visit https://eurowerke.com.au/

If the driver fails to do it, it is going to split the vehicle to a complete stop between 6 and 37 mph.

Self-Parking Cars

BMW will soon launch self-parking technology. It will come to the BMW i3 first before moving up the range. This technology differs from other systems – the driver need not touch the steering pedals or wheels.

Drifting Self-Drive Automobiles

In CES 2014, BMW showed off their latest invention – cars that can drive themselves. A transformed 2-Series Coupe and 5-Series Gran Coupe could float with 360-degree detector, ultrasonic sensors, and cameras.

BMW ActiveAssist is a modern technology that is currently being examined. It's autonomous technologies for'spirited driving', and lately, Motor Authority had the opportunity to test it out. This technology sees your automobile driving itself, using existing detectors to create each the millisecond adjustments needed in rate.

Current Driver Tech

The future seems incredible, but the current is not that bad either. Here is some of the best current driver technician available on your BMW:


BMW has always developed and refined its driver media and entertainment system, iDrive, over recent years. It is among the most advanced entertainment systems it is possible to see in a car, gifting owners the ability to perform the usual – play CDs, make telephone calls, listen to the radio and browse.