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Give your Bathroom a Beautiful Look and Feel with these Cleaning Tips

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As a homeowner, you may give preference to the kitchen, dining and bedroom when it comes to cleaning. This is the reason as to why the bathroom gets ignored which later looks dirty. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the bathroom clean in order to look and feel good. These are a few bathroom-cleaning tips you must consider.

  1. Move the Items that can be Moved – If your bathroom is comprising of toiletries, freestanding furniture and other movable items, then consider moving asap. Moving these items helps you to clean tighter openings in an efficient manner.
  2. Don’t Overspend – Spending on buying expensive cleaning products isn’t necessary when it comes to cleaning the bathroom. In fact, you can consider making a mixture of vinegar and water of equal amount to clean the surface of the floors.
  3. Use more Simpler Items – The vinegar and water mixture work wonders when it comes to cleaning the surface of the floors. However, you can use to the same mixture to get rid of deposits that are hard to remove. Simply use an old toothbrush and apply on it and you are good to go.
  4. Get rid of the Grout – On the surface of the tile, you are bound to find grout. This is a deposit which is known to be hard to get rid of. To remove this deposit, use one cup of water and 3 cups of bicarbonate to make a solution. You can use this solution to remove the grout with ease.

In Brisbane, plumbing and gas issues are known by professionals. Consider learning a few additional tips. 

Tips on Getting Rid of Pests

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Rodents, cockroaches, bed bugs, termites are some of the examples of pests. Pests are known to live inside homes and other buildings which makes it absolutely mandatory to get rid of them at the earliest. For getting rid of pests, there are different ways depending on the type of the pest that you may deal with. Although calling a professional is the right way to go, there are certain effective DIY methods you should consider. Here are some of those DIY methods of getting rid of pests.

  1. By Setting Traps and Baits – Food is probably the biggest factor that attracts the pests. If your house is present with mice, rats, cockroaches and ants, then consider setting traps and baits. There are various types of baits and traps that are different for each one of them. For instance; traps like glue boards are used for catching mice but this trap will not work for others. Therefore, do some research and consider this method.
  2. By Using Chemicals and Insecticides – Chemicals and Insecticides are easily available over the counter. Majority of the insecticides and chemicals come in the form of spray bottles which can be sprayed on the areas where you may suspect the presence of the pests. Make sure you do not overuse and also read all the safety instructions written on the label.
  3. By Using Plants as Repellents – Certain indoor plants are known to keep certain insects and bugs away acting as repellents in the best effective manner. Citronella grass, oregano, lavender is some of the best examples of using plants as insect repellents.

These are some of the tips and also methods for cheap pest control in Brisbane.