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Tips For Installing Ceiling Insulation

We all want to be comfortable but we hate to pay too much for energy bills, right? Probably we all do not really have to if we know how to fix some parts of the house like our ceiling, our attic, or other parts of the house wherein the heat or cold could easily travel.

People are so interested in how to get this solution in their houses so they could save 30-50% of their usual energy expenses. You can enjoy a much more comfortable home during summer and winter with proper insulation. The answer as to where insulate depends on where the heating and air conditioning ends and where the unconditioned space begins. You can also look for the best ceiling insulation batts via https://www.justritestore.com.au/home/insulation/

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Installing ceiling insulation is the most important of all because if you will, you will not only protect your house from too much heat during the summer or too much cold in the winter but you will also protect your roof from any damage the extreme conditions may cause.

Installing ceiling insulation can be done by sealing around all penetrations in-band joints. Be sure to repair all water leaks or possible areas of leakage prior to insulation. Caulk where wiring runs through the ceiling joists and around the top of the wall.

After that, gently press the insulation between the joists. You can use unfaced batts or rolls but be sure to allow friction to hold the insulation in place through a method called friction frit.

Be sure to check on any opening where moisture can escape. Expand the insulation to its full thickness in the joist cavity to ensure complete coverage. Keep in mind that compressing the insulation material will reduce its R-value to be sure to avoid that.

Consider Attic Insulation Before Summer Arrives


The attic of our homes is important to get it insulated before the summer arrives. It is important due to these benefits you should know about.

  1. Easier on the HVAC Unit – Ignoring attic insulation leads to a lot of stress on the HVAC unit. Furthermore, not insulating the attic leads to more hot air entering the house leading to uncomfortable staying experience inside our homes. Therefore, HVAC unit is an important source of maintaining temperature and attic insulation is important.
  2. Easier to Save Energy – When it comes to saving on energy consumption, attic insulation is important especially living in warmer region. However, incorrect or ignoring attic insulation forces entry of hot air into the house leads to experiencing warmer temperature inside the house. So, get attic insulation in order to save more energy.
  3. Easier to Save Money – Everyone wants to save money on monthly energy bills, right? Therefore, it is crucial to get the attic insulated in order to not only save money but also depend less on the air-conditioners and heaters. You can get the attic insulated by choosing fiberglass or cellulose foam spray.

Some more Benefits of Attic Insulation –

  • Natural cool and air-conditioned air remain for longer duration inside the house.
  • Experience better efficiency form air-conditioners.
  • Decrease in the flow of heat from getting inside the house.
  • Maintain better condition of air-conditioners and heaters for more years.

Make sure to get your attic insulated just before summer arrives. Also, try considering roof insulation batts installed by a professional.