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Infrared Heater: Save on Your Energy Bill

Is it necessary to have an additional heater in order to supplement your central heating system? Sometimes, it doesn't make sense for the whole house to be heated up just so that one room can be warmed up. 

An infrared heater is a great option. You can also buy reliable heaters at Bruest Catalytic Heaters. Learn more about the advantages of infrared heaters compared to other heaters.

Infrared heater efficiency

Heaters work by heating the air inside the room. The air warms the room. This not only wastes energy heating the air but you also don't feel any heat from the heater once it is turned on. A room may take several minutes to heat up. Infrared heaters are different. Infrared heaters don't heat the air, but heat objects directly in their path. The heater heats the people living in the area directly, and not the air.

Infrared heaters are very efficient because of this principle. The heater doesn't need to be turned on for half an hour before heating the room. The warmth is felt immediately.

Infrared heaters

These are the top-selling infrared heaters.

– Tubular heaters with metal-sheathed covers

– Quartz tubes

– Quartz lamps

– Catalytic gas fired

– Flat-faced panels

– Ceramic emitters

Many people worry that infrared heaters might not be safe. You don't need to be concerned. Modern infrared heaters come with a protective sheath that covers the heating elements.