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Find The Ideal Everlast Punching Bag For You

If you chose a heavy bag workout for a new way to get in shape then you have made a great decision! Although we really want to get the best results, it is useful to know what to look for when buying a heavy bag.

Firstly in terms of brands, Everlast punching bags (which is also called ‘ sacs de frappe ’ in French ) are a good start. The reason is that Everlast has been the design of boxing equipment for 100 years and they have much experience in making perfect punching bags for everyone.

The next thing we need to keep in mind is material. Although the leather punching bags are favored by most decent boxing gyms. 

This is for two reasons: for one, they offer better protection for the hands and wrists, and secondly, they are perfect to reproduce the feeling of sparring a real human opponent.

Probably the most essential part of choosing the perfect Everlast heavy bag, identifies the purpose for which we want to achieve.

Some factors to consider are:

  • Size weight
  • Man Woman
  • Pro / Amateur
  • Losing weight / Gain Strength
  • Tone / build muscle

These are some of the main points that we must keep in mind that we get the best results from our workout. 

For the largest male with a harder punch will ideally need a heavy bag of 100lb + size, so it can withstand the force of the punch as they swing from one side to the other much less often every time you punch. 

For women who want the toned body and a heavy bag weighing around 70lbs would be a fantastic choice as large bags tend to put a lot of pressure on your hands and wrists.