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Anxiety and Its Impact on Teens in Today’s World

Anxiety-related Symptoms in Children – The Extreme impact they have in today's world.

We are now able to fight off illnesses that claimed thousands of lives years ago. Consequently, the lifespan of humans has grown dramatically. Technology advancement has relieved us from the back-breaking work that, just 50 years ago, afflicted most of the youthful workforce, resulting in their premature and painful slow decline into the throes of old years.

Today, with the rapid development in the field of computer science, medical scientists can now dig deeper into the human anatomy, and thanks to this revolutionary technology they can now decode the code of disease that we never even knew existed. This has led to tremendous growth in mental health care services to aid people suffering from anxiety and depression, especially teens. Mental health care centers have designed an effective teen anxiety program that can build the coping skills to manage their anxiety.

Today adolescents, and children in their early teens, are more likely to develop mental disorders than they were 20 years ago. Even though today less than one in ten adults have an anxiety disorder, the harsh reality is, as high as twenty percent of 12 to 16 year-olds will develop some type of mental health disorder – and one in five of these children is at risk of developing a severe disorder – and specifically, the studies show that girls tend to report more anxiety disorders than boys. 

It was also found that regular occurrences of anxiety in adolescents significantly interferes with their ability to handle a wide range of everyday activities: relationships with young friends; social competence; getting on, both personally or academically, at school – and if left untreated these anxieties can develop into a chronic disorder in their adult life, and in some cases even develop into a clinical depression, which sometimes leads to suicidal thoughts.