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Choose Corporate & Commercial Solicitors in Brisbane

Running a business is not always straightforward. There will most certainly be challenges, opportunities, and celebrations along the way. Sound legal advice is of vital importance should you need help with company law issues that arise. 

For example, you may need advice on drafting a complex shareholder’s agreement or setting up an LLP. If you are looking to explore a business merger or acquisition opportunity, then you can hire commercial lawyers in Brisbane at https://www.romanslawyers.com.au/commercial/.

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Companies all over Australia have been using reputed corporate and commercial solicitors to support them with a variety of company law issues. Their approach is to offer a cost-effective and high-quality service to help you achieve the outcomes you need.

They have experience in dealing with most sectors and industries in Australia including finance, leisure, retail, construction, and education. They can use our substantial experience and industry expertise to advise your business on a range of company law issues.

Corporate and commercial solicitors can advise on all aspects of company law from setting up a new business to running and growing an established business both in Australia and abroad. 

In addition, they offer specialist advice should you need to dissolve or sell your business. The main company services include:

Setting up a company

Setting up an LLP

Establishing a business in Austrlia

Commercial contracts and terms of business

Corporate governance and compliance

Dispute resolutions

Sponsor license advice

Share scheme options and incentives

Corporate finance

Mergers and acquisitions

Selling a company to an EOT

Extracting cash from the company

Dissolution of a company

Brexit – challenges for businesses