The Ideal Composite Decking Solution

Decking out the garden always adds an additional flair to any home. When deciding what kind of design and style you are looking for, you need to know the difference between two kinds of decking materials which are wooden and composite. 

Costs will vary in relation to the material and its endurance. One of the most important things to consider when you are deciding to install an area for decking is the level of maintenance that will be required.

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Resurfacing a Deck With Composite Decking

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The most sought-after material to the deck is wooden. Wood decking provides an organic feel, scent, and warmth. It is made of hardwood and softwood. The softwood decking is cheaper and easier to use. It is chemically treated and preheated to ensure greater endurance. 

Hardwood decking however is more difficult to work with, however, it is more sought-after because of its wide and rich variety of natural colors. This kind of wood decking has become more well-known than its counterpart because of its strong construction and resiliency. 

But, it's very costly to maintain and is high maintenance since over time, if it is not given adequate maintenance, it will begin to split and crack. The natural color of the wood will begin to fade, and the color changes due to the conditions of the weather.

Composite decking fiber also called wood-plastic composites, is constructed from recycled wood and plastic. This kind of flooring is getting more popular because it's environmentally friendly and can serve as an ideal substitute for wood. 

There are two types of it, namely hollow and solid composite decking. The solid decking appears more natural, whereas hollow composite decking appears engineered.