The Kiliki Are Going To Be The First Non-Furry NFTs!

The Kiliki Club is partnering with the Kiliki to release their first non-furry NFT, which will only be available during this year's San Fermin Festival in Pamplona. The digital NFT will come in a limited edition and will be tradable on multiple global exchanges. You can also click over here to know more about the Kiliki club online.

Every year, the festival of San Fermin is celebrated in Pamplona, Spain. It's a festive event that celebrates all aspects of life- from love and family to drama and dancing. The Kiliki Club, the first digital San Fermin club ever created, has announced that they will be introducing a new line of NFTs for this year's celebration!

As San Fermin, the Spanish festival of running with the bulls is gearing up to start in just over a week, we have announced our latest big event! The Kiliki Club are going to be the first non-furry NFTs (non-fictional token) in history covered by the Kiliki Club, the first digital San Fermin club ever created.

The Kiliki Club is the first digital San Fermin club ever created and is an extension of the Kiliki brand that was introduced in Madrid for the first bull-running festival to create a virtual meeting space for Kilikis around the world.

The Kiliki is a close-knit community, and they are very excited about this new project. Their hope is that by creating these NFTs, they will be able to share their culture with the world and connect with people from all over.