What A Perth Floor Installer Does On The Job

If you have tile flooring in your home or office, it was laid by a floor installer. Their job is quite remarkable because flooring must be laid on a surface that is prepared and the flooring must be installed so that it will stay down and provide a safe and beautiful place for people to walk. Flooring that is laid incorrectly will bunch up, wear faster and not look nice. Being a floor installer takes skill and patience.


The first thing that a floor tile installer in Perth must do is inspect the floor. All old flooring and carpeting must be removed. Imperfections must be fixed or they could show through the carpet. The area must be measured and then laid out according to plan. Traffic patterns will oftentimes determine where seams should or should not be placed in order to give the carpet maximum wear and the best appearance.

When wall-to-wall tiling is to be installed, a tackless strip must first be installed next to the wall. A padded cushion will then be installed. The carpet will then be rolled out, measured, marked, and finally cut. Most installers leave 2 to 3 inches of extra carpet on all sides for the final fitting.

The installer then positions the carpet with a tool called a "knee kicker" which stretches the carpet to fit evenly on the floor and snug against the walls and thresholds of any doors. Excess carpet is then cut off. At this point, the installer will use a power stretcher to stretch the carpet.

This will enable the carpet to hook onto the tackless strip, in order to hold the carpet in place. The wall trim will then be installed, which will finish off the edges. Special care must be taken at any seam areas so the carpet will stay in place and not become separated. Carpet will sometimes be stapled or glued into place on stairs. If the carpeting is to be laid in a commercial building, there is often no padding, so the carpet will be glued directly to the floor.