What Are The Characteristics Of a Bengal Cat?

The Bengal loves to play in the water and will happily jump into the tub with you or walk into the shower. His clever paws could put aquarium and pond fish at risk. He loves to climb, and will often be seen perched at the highest point in the house. This feline needs a tall cat tree or two, and puzzle toys to challenge his intelligence.

The affectionate Bengal will sit on your lap on rare occasions when he's not swinging on chandeliers, or swimming in your pool. He will always share your bed. He will steal your covers, it is true. You can find different types of Bengal Cats. One of them is the snow Bengal cat. Snow Bengal cats are rare and has a beautiful coat. You can buy snow Bengal kittens from https://www.bengalcatskittens.co.uk/snow-bengal-cat.

snow bengal cats

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The Bengal cat is agile, graceful, and has a strong, muscular physique. His large head has a modified wedge shape and is longer than its wide. It also has rounded contours. It is topped by small to medium-sized ears, which are set towards the side of his head. Large oval eyes appear almost round. A long, muscular neck connects the head and body.

The body is supported by medium-length legs that are slightly longer at the back than the front and large, round paws. The tail is thick and medium-long, with a black tip. A Bengal's belly is visible when it rolls over.