What Are The Important Parts Of A Crane?

Tow trucks have become very important equipment in many industries. In the construction industry, building tall buildings is hard to imagine without the benefits of such equipment.

You can visit the website for more information about different crane equipment & service inc at https://vacranerental.com/. A tow truck crane works basically in many ways:

It can work as a compensating crane with a horizontal beam rotating around a pivot point to lift loads

It can operate as a slewing crane with a pulley system that rotates the cable to allow lifting or lowering.

The crane consists of the main part of the truck with the attachment that contains the crane and its operation. Since the crane itself is very unique, here are the key parts and descriptions of the tow truck crane parts:

The tow boom is the most easily recognized and most important part of a truck with a tow. This is a crane arm that lifts and/or lowers heavy material. As such, it can work in three different ways that define boom crane specifications for each type of operation.

The boom is an extension of the crane boom which is extended or binocular to provide a longer boom length and to allow for higher lifting capacity.

The Rotex gearbox is located under the cab or crane cab and allows the cab to turn or turn the boom using a hydraulic motor.