What Is A Dash Camera?

Most of the dash cameras featured in this historic document have a video resolution of at least 1080p, although in some cases you can select it to expand the amount of video you can store. Consider getting the best memory card that Sprint cameras accept so you can store most of your video, and consider switching it to a laptop often if you want to save it.

Many dash cameras also give live streaming. If you want to buy a dashcam visit https://planethalocameras.com/products/phls/. They are set to record automatically as soon as you start the car and overwrite the video once the internal memory or memory card is full. 

dash cam live stream

In the event of a collision, the G-sensor sprint camera detects that motion and mechanically sells the footage for you to view later and use as evidence if necessary. Some also have a built-in digital camera, if you prefer to take pictures of your route these are usually low resolution but not even smartphone quality. The discipline of looking into the camera is important because a wide-angle lens captures greater detail.

While some dash cameras double as true GPS navigators, others undoubtedly use GPS to allow you to pinpoint the exact location of the video, which is especially important in the event of an accident or other incident. Plus, it's useful when you're photographing sunsets, storms, or other interesting conversations and prefer to find out exactly where they are.