What Is Root Canal Dentist Treatment?

Talking about root canals can quickly turn into a tense conversation. Many people are afraid of the idea that their family members or friends might need one. Root canals are not painful thanks to modern technology. 

What's a root canal – The dentist will drill a hole in your tooth's chewing surface to access the nerve within the tooth. This is called the pulp. To prevent infection, the pulp must be removed. You can also get more information about root canal dentistry via https://highlandfamilydentistry.net/services/cosmetic-services/.

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The pulp is then extracted by inserting thin metal wires into the tooth. This prevents the tooth from becoming irritated and can cause pain such as an infection, chewing difficulties, or sensitivity to hot/cold foods and drinks.

Most dentists will seal the canals after removing the pulp. This will prevent bacteria from returning to the cavity, which can cause future problems. After the temporary filling has been removed, the chewing surface will be replaced with a crown or permanent filling. This temporary filling is meant to last for two weeks.

The dentist will usually give you an overview of the process when you sit down for the first time. The area where Novocain is to be injected is rubbed with a topical gel which lightly numbs it. You can even search online for more information about root canal dentistry treatment.