What You Need to Know About Self-Publishing a Book

The author who was born on the internet is indeed lucky. If they cannot be published by publishing companies, they have the choice to publish themselves. Instead of waiting for their work received by publishers, they can take their fate into their hands and do their own publishing.

Now, there are pros and cons of your own publishing your own work, whether it's a printed book or e-book. You can consider the high tech amazon self published logbooks for publishing the books perfectly. Pay attention to the following facts before you work on your own publishing work.

  • The actual publication itself took a walk in the park.

We talk about printing and uniting pages to form the actual book. Publishing itself means having total control over the creation of your book, so you have a voice in everything starting from paper type to cover design. You simply convert your script from Word files to PDF and send them to your chosen printer. 

  • Go digital in your first round.

If you are a beginner writer, you might want to test the waters first by producing an ebook first. It's perfect for writers who have scripts all text, without illustrations or graphics. Ebooks are very easy to produce and subject to less than print, so they will be easier to sell. You can try producing and selling digital copies and printing on your first run, but if you want to make your feet wet first, try the ebook format first.

  • Publishing itself produces more competition.

This is actually not a brainer. Because the author can only publish their work whenever they want, the market is now flooded with its own published books, and may be difficult to make your work pay attention. This can be prejudice against you too. There are people who think the books published themselves are lower than those released by the main publishing company.