Which Clay Mask Is Right For You?

Can you find your skin looks dull or you just want your skin to have a brightness then a clay mask would be the greatest natural skin care remedy to add to your skincare regimen? The tightening act of a clay facial mask drying pulls filth out of your pores, deep cleansing your skin.

Clay mask comes in various colors like green, white, and percent pink clay mask. A Clay Facial Mask can draw pollutants and smoke from the skin quite effectively, whilst moisturizing, nourishing, and re-hydrating skin.

Green Clay Mask: Outstanding detoxifying attributes, re-energizing for your skin. A gentle Green Clay Mask pulls and extracts toxins from the skin, making it particularly effective for pimple, acne, and blackhead prone skin. A Green Clay Facial Mask opens the pores of the skin and eliminates deep accumulation, grime, and toxins. 

White Clay Mask An Organic White Clay Facial Mask calms and soothes inflammation in the skin. It is soothing, cooling and calming, making it ideal for sensitive skin, irritated skin, dull complexions, and particularly effective for sufferers of Rosacea, due to its calming, cleansing, and detoxifying effects

Pink Clay Mask High in anti-aging skincare attributes and renewing properties for the skin. Pink clay is perfect for Mature SkinCare, toning, rich in moisturizing and revitalizing agents.

The Pink clay has a pH of 7.5 and forms and extorts toxins from acne, pimple, and blackhead prone skin. A Pink Clay Mask gently cleans companies, tones, re-hydrates, and hydrates the skin and is beneficial for all skin types.

Clay has the amazing, natural capability to consume 100x its body weight. A Clay Facial Mask pulls out toxins in the skin and stimulates blood circulation, invigorating and refreshing your skin, leaving you with a gorgeous, healthy glow.