Why Human Tissue Procurement Is So Important

Human tissue is an important component in the development of modern medicine. Pharmaceutical companies lose millions of dollars every year because of drug development failures. 

The research process requires human tissue in animal samples because it is safer for participants during clinical trials and speeds up the drug development process.  You can get more information about the human tissue procurement via www.geneticistinc.com

 human tissue samples

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This saves money, and drug companies are willing to pay high prices for various types of cells, tissues, and organs to speed up their research. The development of cystic fibrosis treatment at Pharmaceuticals is a great example of how drug testing works for human tissue.

Scientists at the facility observed the behavior of infected human lung tissue in Petri dishes and then injected cells with drugs to see how they responded. One of the things they look for is cilia movement after treatment. All of this would not have been possible without the use of human tissue.

In the United States, most of the human tissue used in research comes from donors who have given their consent and agreed to contribute to a pharmaceutical development company after their death.

They come exclusively from hospitals, government procurement organizations, network banks, and other regulated, sterile medical facilities.

In the last decade, biomedical entrepreneurs have sprung up with private companies whose founders insist on assessing compliance with the law and ethical practice. Geneticists are pleased to contribute to this growing community and to participate in global efforts for a more sustainable human existence.