Drinking Your Way to Good Health – The Health Benefits of Beer

You can see many stories in the newspapers about the country's health problems. There are many headlines about people dying from heart attacks, cancer, and other diseases. But you might not know that beer is an easy (and tasty) solution.

You should always consume alcohol in moderation. If you are unsure whether it will be beneficial for your health, talk to your doctor.  If you are looking for the best beer bar to taste for the first time, you can visit bars in Des Moines at https://kinshipbeer.com/.

Okay, now that we have given you the legal disclaimer let's get to the facts. There is research showing that beer can be beneficial for your health if consumed in moderation.

Medical Oddities Part 2: You Can Brew Beer In Your Digestive Tract

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How can beer help you keep your health? Studies have shown that beer can be as good for your heart as wine. You should exercise regularly and eat well if you're concerned about your heart health.

However, two beers per day (one for men, one for women) may help you feel more energized. The recommended intake is one to two beers per day. Drinking three to four beers per day will not triple or quadruple the effects of beer.

How can beer help your heart health? According to Tufts University's study, moderate beer consumption can lower cholesterol, reduce fibrinogen (a protein responsible for blood clotting), as well as increase your levels of antioxidants.

All beers are created equal. It's not true. While all beers can have health benefits, darker beers are better for your health. Light beer has fewer flavonoids than dark beer. Flavonoids are found in plants, as well as chocolate and red wines.

What are the health benefits of flavonoids Flavonoids have been shown to protect against cancer and promote healthy hearts? Flavonoids can be found in many foods, including fruits and vegetables. However, they are also abundant in dark beer.