Know More About Popular Aesthetic Treatments

Aesthetic medicine is a broad term that applies to any specialty that involves the process of modifying a patient's physical appearance. Either to enhance a person's face and body or decrease the risk of certain types of diseases including obesity.

It is the medical scope that includes dermatology and surgical practices, starting from non-invasive treatments such as laser treatments to invasive procedures such as reconstructive surgeries. Some of the most popular aesthetic treatments are:

Non-invasive procedures – These are aesthetic medicine practices that can boost the physical appearance without the need for general anesthesia and surgery. Good examples are chemical peeling, skin tightening, and treatment of skin blemishes and conditions including hyperpigmentation, acne, and scars.

Meanwhile, some of the technologies that are under non-invasive procedures are Botox injections that use a purified form of toxin that helps relax the muscles and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, dermal fillers that create more defined contours and smoothen wrinkles, and microdermabrasion crystals that lift dead skin cells to stimulate the production of new ones.

Physical surgery – Physical surgery is an in-depth procedure that is done on the body, particularly the face, with the sole purpose of enhancing the appearance. Others are to reduce skin laxity, which normally happens as a person ages. To perform these, aesthetic medicine specialists often use scopes such as laparoscope and other new technologies.