Playing Scrabble For Brain Power

You already know that playing games are good for your brain. You can help your children grow by playing games such as Scrabble. You can also use this website to find new words.

1. Building Your Vocabulary

Scrabble is a great game that will help you expand your vocabulary. You learn a new word every time someone writes a word that you don't know. This will help kids expand their vocabulary quickly and in a fun way.

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2. Building math skills

Scrabble is a game that helps you both improve your vocabulary and increase your math skills. Scrabble requires you to multiply and add numbers together to determine how much each word is worth. This is good for your brain.

3. Building competitiveness

Everyone still loves to play scrabble. It builds competitiveness, which is great for the real world.

4. It will make you more social

According to some sources, people who are more social are less likely to be affected by diseases like Alzheimer's. If this is true, then socializing helps our brains grow and allows us to learn. This is why you should play games all around, not just Scrabble.

5. It helps create good times.

People who have fun and laugh are good for their bodies. It has been proven that stress can severely weaken our immune systems, while laughter can greatly improve them. It's just better to have fun and laugh.