Polystyrene Collection For Plastic Expert Service

Polystyrene is one of the most widely used forms of plastic, often used for packaging, insulation and even in dark ways as beanbags and stuffing for toys. The construction and logistics industries are by far the biggest consumers of polystyrene, but often small businesses have to dispose of it at some point, with landfill appearing to be the only option.

Polystyrene should not be thrown away; With the collection service for clean polystyrene scrap, styrofoam can be purchased from you and recycled through sustainable end markets. Styrofoam collection is not common as most local waste authorities recommend disposing of styrofoam with household waste! 

Styrofoam compaction makes it better and more valuable, if you have a large volume it is advisable to consider a baler. The reason for throwing polystyrene into general waste is that it is often contaminated with food or drink, making it difficult to recycle. 

Although very light, they are bulky and inconvenient to collect and transport. For the company, this is very easy, because if the styrofoam is compressed by machine, it must be stored in a dry place to catch the styrofoam. We pay a competitive price for this material.

There have also been breakthroughs in EPS recycling studies, although most are still in the research or pilot stages. Several studies have shown that the bacterium Pseudomonas putida is able to convert polystyrene into biodegradable plastic. The polystyrene depolymerization process – converting polystyrene back into styrene monomer – is also gaining popularity.