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Comparison: Various Kinds Of Dog Foods

Dogs are carnivores. Their digestive system, from the mouth through their intestines, is designed to cope with a meat diet. Dog teeth are adapted to tear food into pieces small size to swallow than to grind food, and stomach can easily digest the food.

Dogs have probably evolved from animals that lived a diet of other animals. However, as with the fox in modern times, meat was not always viable to them, and the dog is able also to digest and survive on a diet that is mostly vegetable, but complete absence of meat is likely to lead to nutritional deficiencies. You can also look for drbslongevity to get the best dog food online.

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Food, whether for dogs or humans, have to supply energy, from which, as well as being the movement, the animals body derives heat, materials for growth and repair, and substances that support these activities.

Comparing Dog foods may be dived into several broad categories. For many years the so-called moist diets held a major part of the market, they are the tinned foods seen on every supermarket shelf.

Over the past few years comparing other types of food have filtered the market. Complete dry feeds are becoming increasingly popular. They need minimal preparation- if so desired; they can simply be poured into a dog bowl and given to the dog.

Semi-moist diets are intended to provide a balanced diet on their own. They hold a small significant place on the market, largely, in all probability, because they involve some degree of preparation before feeding.

It is still fairly minimal, involving the addition of carbohydrate supplements as mixer, often some form of biscuit to balance the nutritional quality of the food.