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Types of Bowling Ball used in the Bowling Game

Bowling is a target sport in which a player rolls a ball toward pins. The goal of pin bowling is to knock over pins on a surface known as a lane. Lanes have wood or synthetic surface on which protective lubricating oil is applied in various oil patterns that affect ball motion.

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There are three types of bowling balls used in the bowling game:

Plastic bowling ballMany players believe that the first-generation bowling balls were made of plastic, but they were made of rubber. The plastic then becomes the main surface for the bowling ball, but playing is much easier when the bowler uses it for their kicks.

Urethane bowling ballThe next bowling ball that became a trend in the 90s was made of urethane. This was the beginning of the modern game that changed the way.

Manufacturers have recently introduced a new line of urethane bowling balls as bowlers have discovered a place for them in today's modern game.

Reactive bowling ballThe "reactive" bowling ball is one of the best modern bowling equipment. Unlike traditional bowling balls, which are covered in polyurethane or dense plastic, reactive balls are coated with a grippy resin layer. This improves lane traction and gives the bowler more control over the speed and angle of the throw.

Having the right ball with the right surface is very important to improve your score in a game.