What Is An Electronic Book?

For many people, the ebook is still a mystery. What is it exactly and what makes it so appealing to many readers worldwide? What are the advantages of electronic publishing? An ebook is a literary work compressed into a file instead of being printed on standard pages clipped together in a cover.

E-books are a new way to generate information and connect it with readers. As an alternative to traditional trends, this trend is more attractive to a generation of people accustomed to finding all the resources they need on the internet.

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E-books are a busy way for someone to find the time to remember that reading is fun. In the last few decades, the younger generation's interest in reading has declined.

Children growing up in the 1990s were more interested in spending time in front of the computer and chatting with lots of friends online or playing online games. Reading rates in schools have declined, with worrying results.

Children are not interested in libraries and bookstores. They are interested in computers. Given this new trend and the downward trend in old paperback or hardcover books, e-books have gained immense popularity among the younger generation and are attracting entire groups of the older population.