Wide Selection Of Clothes Hangers

It would appear that women have too many clothes and not enough closet space to hang them. So, it comes as no surprise that women only seem to use 35% of the clothes they have hanging in their closets. This lack of hanging space can be overcome with a pack of space saving customised clothes hangers

One old favorite for hanging clothes over the back of the door is the space saver hanger bar. This comes with a pair of hooks and five space saver hangers per pack. This pack of space saving clothes hangers enables you to hang up to ten items from a door frame or a picture rail, or the back of the door – two clothes' items per hole. 

You might even decide to use it in your wardrobe or to hang clothes up when drying. It was an old favorite years' ago and appears to have been resurrected recently with some success.

The multi-hang coat hanger hooks offer a different design and measure 12cm long x 1.5cm wide. They are manufactured in black plastic and come in packs of 12. These space saving clothes hangers fit over any standard hanger, allowing room for an additional three garments to be hung from that same hanger.