Why Solid Pension Advice Could Save You From Retirement Poverty

Despite obesity and other health issues, Cardiff is living longer thanks to medical science. The average life expectancy now stands at 80 years, which is 8 years more than we were expecting to live in the 1970s. This number is expected to rise further over the next 20-years.

This is good news in many ways, but there are financial constraints arising from the increasing number of seniors who require care. A good pension adviser is necessary for a safe future.

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As the elderly age, they are more likely to need care. Many people have to make difficult decisions about whether they won't care at home or if they would prefer to live in a home that assists with cooking, washing, and eating.

The government offers a limited hand to those who need care. The Local Authority where you live determines whether elderly care is necessary. Individuals are assessed based on their means and their need.

Even if you pass the first hurdle of the means test, the local authority will only be obligated to care for the person if they meet certain criteria. This is currently broken down into four categories: low, moderate, substantial, critical, and critical. Financial resources will determine the thresholds that councils establish.

Most councils will only provide care packages to those who need substantial or more extensive care. The elderly with moderate or low care needs will have to rely on their family and friends, pay for care, or risk being without care.